You always hear the overly used common quote “Friends come and go.” It’s certainly something we’ve all experienced, maybe from distance or change of attitude towards each other. People change, friends change. It’s a formula as simple as that, it’s simple but not easy to deal with. Something I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around was exactly why it happens, the experiences, feelings and secrets are what add up to bond friends. (Aside from your typical comedian and “hi” “bye” friends.) Can all those be broken simply by a small change in someone’s personality? Then again why generalize the persons personality at all? Lets just say I don’t think I ever will get it, even though I myself have migrated from different clicks on and off throughout life. I just simply don’t understand the concept of what breaks all those ties that form the bond. Aside from backstabbing and bullying, it really frustrates me as to why. It’s sad when friends do enter your life and leave, but they all give experience of some kind that form who you are today. So, I guess through all this confusion and frustration, all I wanted to do was thank those people. I love who I am today, how I view life and all my optimistic decisions. Here’s a thanks to everyone who either impacted my life in a negative or positive way, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have finally come to enjoy life to its fullest. :)

01/16/13 at 1:15pm
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